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“To be the leading national assembler and distributor of superior quality Vehicles, Trucks and Machineries supported by reliable after sales Service”
“We strive to be customer oriented national company that is socially responsible and can bring growth through delivery of better products and services”
Values of the company
• The success of our company should be measured by the contribution it gives to Shareholders, Employees, government and community.
• Our motto is safety and quality comes first
• Working towards customers satisfaction
• Team Work

Nyala Motors Share Company is currently organized in four Divisions and seven Departments that enable the company to give the best service to its customers. In line with the company’s commitment to be close to its customers and available modern after sales facility; it has established four branches in four corners of the country in the last eight years. Following the establishment of branches and sub-dealers network, our customers have been privileged to have easy access to genuine spare part sales and maintenance services provided by the company.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00a.m - 4:30p.m

Saturday: 8:00a.m-11:45a.m

Physical Address

Head Office:
Bole Subcity Kebele 08/09 House No 1108

1194 Addis Ababa,

Tin No: 0000008624
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Contact us (Tel./Fax)

PABX Tel. 251-0116612711/3712/3813
CEO: Tel. 251-6613114 Fax:251-0116186971
Sales & Marketing Divsion Tel. 251-0116613919

UD Sales & Marketing Department: 251-0116613919
NM Sales & Marketing Department:251-0116627196
Machinery & Equipment Sales & Marketing Dep.: 251-0116627429
Product Support Service Division:Tel. 251-0116639535
Service :251-0116613818
Parts:251-0116613417 Fax 251-0116612812
Finance & Property Adm. Divsion :Tel. 251-0116636113

Legal & Adm. Division Tel. 251-0116612913


Sales and Marketing Division :

Product Support Service Division:

Parts Department :

Service Department: